Aug 17 What can I expect from a medical spa treatment?

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So. You’ve decided to go ahead and get a treatment at a medical spa, but now you wonder about what should you expect? Let’s say, for example, you’re going with an Acne Treatment. At DermaMed Spa, you’ve got options:

Blue Light/Photodynamic

This treatment destroys the bacteria that causes acne and facilitates faster healing. It’s suitable for all ages and skin types with moderate to severe acne. It can also be used to treat actinic keratosis (red patchy skin lesions associated with sun exposure and fairer skin tones).

Salicylic Peel

This is an odorless, colourless and transparent acid obtained from willow tree bark. It’s used in many things, such as aspirin and even in food-related processes such as canning. In specific concentrations administered by professionals, it provides anti-bacterial action. In turn, this makes it highly effective in treating both acne and oily skin. You will experience excellent exfoliation and skin stimulation, resulting in clearer pores, a reduction of fine lines and a more even skin tone.


Generally used for occasional pimples. ZENO™ is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast. Essentially, it eliminates the bacteria that is responsible for the acne.


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Aug 4 Best permanent hair removal – genetics, apparently

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We get a lot of clients to our medical spa, looking for our hair removal services. Young or old, looking good will always be a priority. Psychologically, it may help explain why men are so vain about their hair – or age-dependant, the lack thereof. 

So what if we told you that scientists have identified a gene involved in hair growth? It’s true! ScienceDaily tells us this juicy bit of info: 

The researchers found that the gene, called APCDD1, which causes a progressive form of hair loss beginning in childhood (known as hereditary hypotrichosis simplex). The disease is caused by a phenomenon called hair follicle miniaturization — the same key feature of male pattern baldness. 

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